Peter Woods & Kevin Barrett

April 13, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Peter Woods’ voice on saxophone is earthy and reflective, with an abiding joy. Rooted in the Ottawa music scene, his sound echoes with decades of gigs played in pubs and lounges, festival stages and churches across Canada. Blues-infused swing and lifelong learning define Woods’ artistic journey as musician and bandleader.

Kevin has been recording and performing as a freelance guitarist in Toronto for more than 25 years. He has released two CD’s: Kevin Barrett Trio: “JAM” (1999) and Kevin Barrett Group: “Share the Wealth” (2002) which have received considerable local and national airplay. Kevin has performed in jazz festivals, clubs and concert venues across the country, while maintaining a continuous presence on the Toronto scene.

As well as leading his own group, Kevin has worked with a wide range of fine performers including Molly Johnson, Julie Michels, Paisley Jura, Kellylee Evans, Big Rude Jake, Shannon Butcher, Adi Braun & Tena Palmer. Kevin has acted as Musical Director for DK Ibomeka and for Daniela Nardi, and has appeared as co/producer on several recordings recently, including “She Sings He Plays” with Julie Michels, as well as Lisa Lindo’s “I Hear Music” and Boo Watson’s “Opening Moves”. Paisley Jura, Kira Callghan, DK Ibomeka and Jay Boehmer have also recently released CDs featuring Kevin’s playing.

Kevin is also well known as a side musician outside the jazz milieu, having worked with many well-known artists including Lillian Allen, Cindy Church, the Liquidaires, Boo Watson, Rebecca Campbell, Clifton Joseph and Arlene Mantle. He also teaches, both privately and in workshop settings (Kevin is on the faculty for the Jazzworks jazz camp held near Ottawa every summer).