Doreen Smith & Rob Martin

September 14, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

DOREEN SMITH sings a story of love as told through the Great American Songbook. Songs of anticipation, unfettered joy, and heartbreak presented in true “old school” form in the tradition of Sinatra, O’day and Holiday. Doreen digs in and doesn’t let go for a moment. Digs into the lyric and the melody, and digs into an unshakable swingin’ groove. Hers is a soulful performance, imparting a unique understanding of every note and every word of these songs called “Great” for a reason.

ROB MARTIN began playing guitar as a teenager and absorbed jazz through the influence of his guitarist father. Rob studied with a number of notable private teachers in Toronto and attended the Humber College Jazz Program. He was a regular fixture in alternative music groups in Toronto and in the 1990s he studied classical guitar with Danielle Kassner at the Guitar Society of Toronto. Since his move to Ottawa in 1996, Rob has regularly performed in jazz and gypsy jazz formats. Regular partners in crime include Paul Bordeau (Swing Guitars), Gerri Trimble, Mark Fraser, Peter Hum, Karen Rauh, Mark Fraser, and Charley Gordon.